Subprocess & BDM


I've found no example of subprocesses that share BDM objects with the main calling process.

I've tried to define a subprocess with a BDM and a contract of the same type that the business object that should be shared from the calling process, but I've an exception at runtime. Here is the log :

without using subprocess, can we instantiate Gateways multiple times?

in Bonita v 7.0.1,
I am trying to avoid my subprocess, as the count of subprocess increased.
I need to make it in to one flow, can anyone help me..!

Error mapping parameters to subprocesse


I'm using Bonita 5.9.1, and I want mapping a boolean var to a subprocess.

When I deploy at bonita studio the process, I catch a validation error that refer to the final datas of the var... This is the spanish error text:

"Reporte de error de validación: Faltan los datos de destino para el mapeo de entrada de (nombre de variable). Desea continuar de todas maneras?"

I can press the "Yes" option and the process work fine... But is very annoying have the validation error always in the process when apparently there is no error.

How to get a document of a pool in a subprocess ?

Hi everyone, I have a document declared in my pool, and i want to get this document in a subprocess of this pool. I tried some weird things to do this with groovy scripts, but not really successful. Someone can explain me how to do this ?


PS: I'm working on Bonita 6.2.5