Is there a sales line for inquiries?

I've contacted Bonitasoft over the contact form twice over the past 5 days and still no answer. Is there no dedicated line for sales, quotes and inquiries?

Error while installing report in Bonita 6.5.1

Cannot install report in Bonita 6.5.1. Report is developed in iReport and is installed successfully in Bonita 6.3.1 portal.

Any suggestion/information would be helpful.

Here is the engine log:

Upload document to Alfresco via AlfrescoRestClient in Groovy not working...?

Hello Everybody,

I have put a few documents in a list and these documents I want to upload to Alfresco.

This is the code I made:

When I need a subscription and how to have one?


I installed the Bonita 6.3.3 under Windows and Jboss. Now I can access the application from other computer but i don´t install a licence in this environmet. My question is: When I need a subscripton and how to have one?