OFFICE Connector insert Data in a .docx template

Good morning ,

Im trying to create a template in which there will be a dynamic table. In this table , I need to add colors based on Conditions , is this even possible if I work with this connector ?

If there is an example , I will be thankful .


Send an email with Dynamic Table content displayed in it's Body

Good morning ,

So here is the case :

-I want to figure out how to include a table (template that is gonna be filed with dynamic information retrieved from a backend service) in the body of an email sent from Bonita for different users (maybe we will use a connector in this case).

-The content of the table must be displayed in the body of the mail , not as an attachment.

Is there any suggestions to achieve this ?

How to count row in the table


Does anybody here know how to count rows in the table widget and display the count result in the UI? for example i want to count how many table rows of my pending vacation request table and display the count result in the UI.

thank you

Edit Data by Selecting Table Row

Hello, I'm trying to edit data by selecting table row in the form. Once the table row selected, the row contents displayed in the text fields and then change any text field value as i want. But i'm having an issue here. When i pressed the submit button, nothing changed instead of giving me a new row filled with null in H2 Console. Here i already put my .bos file so you can check and figure out what went wrong in my project. I'm using bonita 7.92 version. Make sure run the table TEST Update 1.0.proc to see and test the edit data and see the error. Im looking forward the solution of this.

Table filled with null each row

Hello Everyone,

Currently im having an issue with my table row. almost all of my table row filled with null. Does anybody here ever experienced this problem? what are the solution to overcome this? and what makes the row filled with null by itself? Here I give you screenshot of my table.

Add Button Widget in Each Table Row

Hello Everyone, how to add button widget in each table row while BDM data being displayed. Thank you very much

How to show a table with clickable icon on entire colum

I'm trying to show an icon on an entire colum of a table widget, but i dont know how i can do it.
I tried to make a custom widget in angularjs but the widget doesnt show up. Maybe I'm failing somewhere in the code i wrote.

Just for clarify the concept, my table should respect this format:

header1 | header2 | header3 | header4
text1 icon.png icon2.png dialog

How to save table row selection in variable?

I created a table in the UI Designer to which I filled it with values ​​from a database and what I want to do is to select a row of the table to display details of the row in another window.
Thank you

Separate the contents of an Array into a Table

I created an array in UI Designer via Javascript, but when I display my Array in a table, the content of the array is one line below the other, how can I break the contents of the sse array and separate it into columns?

I created the array this way: