table grids 6.x

Get selected value from a grid

Thanks in advance for your help. Im using bonitasoft Version : 6.3.7 I need to know how can i get the selected value from a grid. I already know how to populate the grid with information, and i already know how to allow selection in options: Solo and Multiple, but i dont know how to get the value of a column of a selected row and put that value into a variable.


How to display table widget data vertically

Hello , i m using bonitasoft community 6.3 and from external database i m able to display data in table widget on form . by following code :

How to Styling Table Widget .

Hello, I’m using Bonita soft community 6.3 I take one table widget on from and data is pulling out from database. but it display ugly screen

** I want to add table border and etc. Styling.** How can I apply styling on this table widget?

In gen > option >HTML attribute I write: style="border: 1px solid black;" But does not anything happen. Pl help. How to achieve

[Solved] How to populate table/grid


As a newby in using Bonita, I am getting a little confused here when trying to populate a grid in version 6.2

I have the following groovy code the get some values from an Excel file:

editable grid or table error


I want to migrate from 5.10 to 6.x, and i have a problem with data in table or editable grid, when i use a groovy script expression.

A return type expect a List. (java.utils.list)

It's a simple script returning a list, but it doesn't work...