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How to display business object that has multiples of another business object as attributs in a table widget?

Hey, everyone, I'm relatively new to Bonitasoft (Community-7.8.2). So, sorry if this question seems dumb.

I've been having trouble getting attributes to be displayed in a table widget.
My business object "Analyse" contains multiples of this other business object called "DemandeAnalyste" in a composition relationship.
From my understanding, this makes the BO "Analyse" I'm trying to populate the table with an array of array and that's why my attempt has failed.

"Child" Table Widget fails to render the content of an array

I've been following a vacation example to implement a living app page with the following UI using Community Edition (v. 7.5.4):
- there is a top-level table with main contents
- when user clicks on the top-level table row and selects it, the row details are rendered in a separate container.

How do you "edit as an expression" in UI?

The tutorial on creating a web service for version 7.3 located here references pre-UI steps when asking the student to create a form and then click on the data tab and then "edit as an expression".

AIUI, the expression editor cannot be used in UI as it "has a different concept of data".

What to do in this situation? There is the 6.x application tab however I would rather not if possible try to learn the legacy way of doing things.

Ui Table Widget- 7.0.1


I am populating List<List> from my connector, and storing it to the List type ProcessVariable, is there any extra stuff I need to do to get the values listed in to a table widget.

As of now, I am able to get the whole list of data in one single column, I have no BDM, assistance is much appreciated...


Postgres query result (List of lists) fills only the first column in form Table

I am a new to java and Bonita (although not to BPM) and I am trying to display a sql query result in a standard Bonita UI table version 7.1 (using the Table widget). But all the data ends up in the most left column like this example below:


What did I do to get to this?

I defined a postgresql dataconnector, that shows a working Array when testing:


table widget not updated

Hello all,

I am new to bonita specially 7.0.1 (over jdk7.X - Windows 7). Since two days I run into strange troubles. I try to create my own application which at its early beginning mimics the procurement sample but with different business data. The first workflow is quite simple : start - view - end. Start form is like the procurement one and below you have the three parts in design mode : page, variables and properties.

How can I define horizontal header for editable or table widget?


I am using 6.5.2 version. I want to know how can I add horizontal header to a editable or table widget.

Load data from a connector Launch Talend at a table.

Good day,

I have version 6.3.8 Bonita BPM Community, and I'm trying to upload data to get through a connector Talend. My problem is I do not know how shit the data obtained from the connector, and as the table component is configured to display the data.

The data connector Talend, are in a list variable, and assign the same variable component of table setting initial values, but does not solve it.

I would appreciate if someone could give me the reference of how to set the table component and load data in it.

Thank you very much.

Table Widget

Hi, I've a variable firstName which type java.util.list How can i display in table widget so the next data will be show in the next row? Any best solutions? Anyone?

Table widget

Hi all,

I'm having a difficult time with the table widget... Any help would be appreciated. I'm using 6.3.3 subscription.

I have a custom data type => a complex java object data in my process. I've already loaded values into my process data (expenseClaimItems), and I wan't to show them in a table widget.

I've configured this widget data information as expression ("Edit as an expression", as opposite as "Edit with table"), and wrote a groovy expression (return type java.util.List) to get the values: