Get ActivityInstance from another task

Hi everyone.

I'm working in an email notification task.

I'm trying to know if a task is assigned to a user or not.

If the task is assigned to a user I need the email of this user to send the notification, or if the task is unassigned I'm sending the notification to all the possible users.

If I want to extract this information from another task, i found the method getHumanTaskInstance from the processAPI(), but I need the activityInstanceId from the other task to obtain the information.

How can I get the activityInstanceId from another task?

Service task failed after giving value to object list (nullPointerException) what can cause this error? (log in desc)

I have a problem with my process, to be honest it worked fine for months... So i think there is something else causing the the task to fail.

I have an object list business data, in the operation i set "takes value of", and create a list of these objects, at the end of the groovy script before i return the list, i write the size of the list in the log, and it is fine, other logings are done as well, it looks like everything is good. However after the size in the log this happens and my task fails:

usertask contract returns empty arrays

I've called '/API/bpm/userTask//contract' and it returned :
"inputs": [],
"constraints": []
but the task has many input fields in the view.
why the response is like that and what does this api must return?

How to redirect to process first human task from application page?


Another question, I have an application page and i also have data to edit, and i cant do that easily in the instantiation form. So i put the editing in the first human task, but this way the user cant get from application page to this task in one click. Is there a way to do this? One link/button click and redirect to first task in the process? (process with no instantiation form)

Cant update business data modells attribute in the process variables

Lets say i have a business data modell that has person and also puppy. Each object can exist independent from each other, however person have a puppy object, that can be null, it is not mandatory.

I have a process, and a business variable, the type is person. I give the person some data, and an existing puppy object. That means i will have a new line in the person table, and one existing line from the puppy object will be referenced to this line by persistenceId (if i understand this correctly).

Actor set but submit doesnt work, and in error log is: "task isnt assigned"


I have a good question, that may have a simple solution, but i dont really get it.

Actor set but submit doesnt work, and in error log is: "task isnt assigned"


I have a good question, that may have a simple solution, but i dont really get it.

Loop on Task - how to provide the condition?


I just want to test to loop a task. But: it doesn't matter what I write into "loop while" the tasks does not loop. Even something like "1==1" is ignored. Can someone provide a example? I'm usind Bonita Community Studio 7.7

User initiator does not work well

I developed a process on bonita 7.5.4 comunity:
* on instantiaton form Iassigned it to an "actorSoporte" and a filter actor "STI",
* on Configure, I managed roles.
The problem is that the instantiaton form's task may be make by anyone, I need this task may be make only for role "STI"

How can I filter what autors do?

I already established an employee and a boss for to types of task, but when I run the pool every user can do any task, so I cannot get the action to evaluate vacations assigned just to the supervisor.

Please let me know where exactly can I do this and how should I do it... could anybody give me an example.