Auto Refresh Task List

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to auto-refresh the task list? I would possibly want the portal after submitting the task - to refresh the task list automatically.

Task's Failed state

Good afternoon !, so I'm using REST API to execute a task using external URL FORM, when I send the post method to execute the task, it gives me 204 Response from the server and everything seems to be working fine, but when I look back in the portal, I find out that the state of that task is FAILED ! What can trigger task failure ? NB: Im using bonita 7.10.4 Community version

How to assign task a specific user

Hello community!

I would like to know if it is possible to assign a task to a specific user instead of an actor or to a user that is not defined in the actor, it is known that we can assign a group within the actor and all the people who are in that group can take the task, but if the user is not in that group within the actor is it possible to be assigned the task?

Actually I use Bonita Studio 7.5.4 and Server in the same version.

Link task in application


i'm new to bonita software and i'm trying to create my first application. I have created a simple home page with a link that open the starting process form. Next i have to execute more task in a row and i don't know how to execute the task using the form i have created without open bonita portal. I have to convert every custom form in a page an the add it to application?

Connector related to the TAKE operation and not to the Submit one in a task

Good morning
When i use a connector out for example, that connector is related to the Submit operation in the workflow. I want to know if it is possible to relate a connector to the TAKE operation, that comes before the Submit one.
Thank you very much.

Does there exist a way to make 'Connector In' and 'Connector Out' fields have a compulsory script for every task?

I want my workflow designer to always use 'Connector In' and 'Connector Out' scripts at every station to check the inputs and outputs at the station. Is there a way to make a validation that checks this and prompts them accordingly?
If not, can I make an API call to the bpm so as to automatically make a boilerplate connector in and out groovy script whenever a new task is created?


In a Bonita process, how to wait for the output of a connector(which takes ~5 mins) before moving to the next task?

I need to wait for the output of a Bonita connector, and use the output to evaluate conditions, (if true or false), before going to the next task. But the execution immediately jumps to the next task, without waiting for the connector output. How to freeze Bonita process to wait for the output of a Bonita connector?

Assign Task to Specific User

Hello, im trying to assign specific task on specific user accordingly. I already set actor in each lane of the diagram. But whenever i start the process, the tasks don't apply in every user that i've set previously in the lane. Which means user can run task from another user that doesn't belongs to. I followed every steps given in the documentation regarding to assigning task to user but the problem remains same here is the link (https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/bonita/7.9/define-who-can-do-what).

Update the field of bdm object while task remain to the current actor


I want to update one of the fields of my business object without submitting the task.
Actually, I want to add notes of my current task without submitting it.

Is there any method to do that, a POST call to call update query or something else.
I have read in the documentation that only SELECT queries are allowed.

Asad Shakeel

Close first task if there is a second task equal

How can I Close a task (the oldest one) on the portal if an equal new task is performed?