Task to Role Map using the lane in which tasks are placed

Given a Task placed on a particular swimlane, and that swimlane is configured to an actor of the Role of a Manager. How can we find out the role if a task is given to us. Does Bonita expose any API to do the same, or is there any workaround? Any help is highly appreciated!

Correllating Tasks and BDOs

I have an app page that displays a table of all my BDOs. I've created a means to select specific objects. I want to be able to click a button or link after this selection to open the next step in my process for this record.

I think I can do this using a URL call for the form and passing the Task ID for the record that I've selected, but I cannot figure out how to correlate the selected record from by BDO to a Task ID.

Dynamic Task Routing


I am using Bonita Subscription 7.3.0.

Has anyone developed a strategy for dynamic routing to tasks within a process. For example if there was a mistake on Step One or Step Two of the process workflow, is there a way to restart or return to either of those tasks at Step Three without closing the process instance down?

I am looking for a clean and simple way to enable a user to go back in the workflow and make corrections or changes as needed.

How to get all tasks for a user via REST API?


I want to retrieve all the tasks for a user using the REST API, not only the assigned i want to retrieve the *pending *tasks too as the Bonita Portal does.

I've been using this , but it only retrieves the assigned tasks. I didn't find nothing in the documentation about pending tasks.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Can a task wait for catch event to occur?

I have a process like this:
Start -> Throw Message -> Catch Message -> Task1 -> end

And another like this:
CatchEventStart -> Task12 -> ThrowEventEnd

So "Throw Message" sends a message to "CatchEventStart" then ** "Task12"** does something and in the end "TrhowEventEnd" **send a message to ** "Catch Message"

B702 - Task Continuation - How to do it?

Hi there,

In B6xx I could add a piece of html for moving to the next Form in a set of tasks automatically.

This no longer works in B7xx

Any idea how to do that?

For example:

I have Initiation Form, when I click OK (Submit) I want it to initiate the first task of the process immediately, not go to the portal where I have to start it manually.

Thanks and regards

Put HTML in Task Description


Is it possible to put HTML code in the description field of a task?

Thank you.

Getting Task Actor via API REST (BOS 6.X)

Hi there again!

Guys, i really need some info related to the tasks and the users that can actually perform them. I really don't know where to start, maybe i'm missing a lot of things. I googled a little and looked in this forum with no luck, if any of you have any tutorial or some resource about how to deal with bonita users, that'll be awesome!

I have a simple process with 1 task and 1 Actors group (if i can call them like that). I've assigned the task to that specific actor group.