Task Forms not displayed in Claims Tutorial mounted on docker version

I am trying to deploy the tutorial example of claims to a dockerized version of Bonita 7.10.1.

I have tested the application using the Bonita BPM Studio, and works well.

In the docker version:

- I have deployed the BDM using a bdm.zip generated from BPM Studio.

- I have deployed the organization (ACME), mounted the user permissions (Admin & Users) equals to the Bonita BPM Portal embebded to BPM Studio. I used the xml file exported from Bonita BPM Studio.

How to obtain active tasks for a case


I need to obtain the list of active tasks and the users asignned for a case.

With this API: /API/bpm/caseInfo/caseID I can get the list of the active tasks, but the API doesn't return the user asignned to each task.


Task to Role Map using the lane in which tasks are placed

Given a Task placed on a particular swimlane, and that swimlane is configured to an actor of the Role of a Manager. How can we find out the role if a task is given to us. Does Bonita expose any API to do the same, or is there any workaround? Any help is highly appreciated!

Correllating Tasks and BDOs

I have an app page that displays a table of all my BDOs. I've created a means to select specific objects. I want to be able to click a button or link after this selection to open the next step in my process for this record.

I think I can do this using a URL call for the form and passing the Task ID for the record that I've selected, but I cannot figure out how to correlate the selected record from by BDO to a Task ID.

Dynamic Task Routing


I am using Bonita Subscription 7.3.0.

Has anyone developed a strategy for dynamic routing to tasks within a process. For example if there was a mistake on Step One or Step Two of the process workflow, is there a way to restart or return to either of those tasks at Step Three without closing the process instance down?

I am looking for a clean and simple way to enable a user to go back in the workflow and make corrections or changes as needed.

How to get all tasks for a user via REST API?


I want to retrieve all the tasks for a user using the REST API, not only the assigned i want to retrieve the *pending *tasks too as the Bonita Portal does.

I've been using this , but it only retrieves the assigned tasks. I didn't find nothing in the documentation about pending tasks.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Can a task wait for catch event to occur?

I have a process like this:
Start -> Throw Message -> Catch Message -> Task1 -> end

And another like this:
CatchEventStart -> Task12 -> ThrowEventEnd

So "Throw Message" sends a message to "CatchEventStart" then ** "Task12"** does something and in the end "TrhowEventEnd" **send a message to ** "Catch Message"

B702 - Task Continuation - How to do it?

Hi there,

In B6xx I could add a piece of html for moving to the next Form in a set of tasks automatically.

This no longer works in B7xx

Any idea how to do that?

For example:

I have Initiation Form, when I click OK (Submit) I want it to initiate the first task of the process immediately, not go to the portal where I have to start it manually.

Thanks and regards

Put HTML in Task Description


Is it possible to put HTML code in the description field of a task?

Thank you.

Getting Task Actor via API REST (BOS 6.X)

Hi there again!

Guys, i really need some info related to the tasks and the users that can actually perform them. I really don't know where to start, maybe i'm missing a lot of things. I googled a little and looked in this forum with no luck, if any of you have any tutorial or some resource about how to deal with bonita users, that'll be awesome!

I have a simple process with 1 task and 1 Actors group (if i can call them like that). I've assigned the task to that specific actor group.