Using a Timer on a service Task

Is there any way we can use the boundary timer on a service Task ?

My Scenario is

User submits a request and then I need to wait for 3 days before I trigger the next task to the approver.

I have tried using a timer on a service task but it does not work.

What are the other methods that we can use here to implement the same.


Delay process end/task end until interval


I have seen that one is able to start processes on a given schedule, but is it possible to make it so that a process can only end hourly, for example? So, if I have a simple process involving only 1 human task, when that task is completed, the process will only proceed to the end if it is the start of a new hour (exactly _:00). If the human task was completed at 5:50, I would like Bonita to wait until 6:00 to allow the process to end. If you can't do this with an entire process, can you do something like it for a task?


Timer Task

I have created a timer on a task and I'd like to get activityInstanceid from the timer groovy script.
When I test it activityInstanceid = -1
Can you explain me why ? and how to process to get task id associate to the timer ?


How to parse string to Localdate in timer event.

I created a timer connector inside Bonita bpm process. I set the end date with a groovy script. However, I cannot get the result.

There is no error, however, the timer doesn't evoke the next trigger

I would like to get the exact time like 2019-02-20 13:11:00

My code is as follows.

How can set the fixed dates as a multiple dates list in timer condition?


I am developing on a kind of scheduler process.

Manager created multiple tasks which have a due date. Whenever the due date reaches I would like to send a notification to the user and manager at the same time.

I returned the due dates into a process variable as an object, however, in the timer condition, only allowed java.util.Date type.

is it possible to set the fixed dates as multiple dates in the groovy script?

In the case of my process, how to approach the solution?

I am sorry the question is vague.

How to insert two Timer conditions


I have a process to do and I need to have two Timer conditions "date and time" to start a task.

I tried to put as a condition a variable of type date, but it still fails.

The date and time should be the same as entered in the form in the variables Date and Time.

Please help me.
Sorry for bad English.

I can not cancel or delete a timer event. HELP

I have a case running like in a loop and I can't stop or delete. I'm using bonita 5.9 jboss bundle. os Red hat, oracleXE 11g.
When I see the log I figured out this 3 errors happen when I try to delete or cancel the case:

Reminder notification for task

I have designed a workflow where an email is sent to user when task is assigned to him. If task is not completed within 2 hours then an escalation email is sent to user by keeping his manager in CC. I want to send a reminder mail to user for every 10 minutes. I have tried Non-Interrupting timer but it is triggered only once. I want it to be invoked in cycle. How it should be designed?

How to use timer and distinguish which is boundary timer or non-interrupting boundary timer ?

I'm using Bonita Community v6.3.1. I want the deadline human tasks (Step1) will be moved to next task (exception flow) (Step2) automatic by timer. So I decide to use boundary timer, I set the condition by duration (1min) but it does not auto move to Step2 when 1min elapsed.

Img Attached Img Are there something wrong ? please help me. Thanks