timer event

How to evaluate Timer Script

Hello Community
I have a timer script on each human Task. I need to check if day of the week is Sunday to Thursday. Weekends are Friday and Saturday.

If its weekday then timer should execute at 24 hours. Else if its Friday or Saturday then timer should execute on Sunday. i have the below script.
But I still keep getting escalations on friday and saturday.Please suggest where is my script going wrong.


Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();

Timer on Task Assignment

We have a requirement to have a Timer event triggered when user picks/assigns the task to himself. Is it possible to implement the solution on a human task?

Start Timer Event


Can i set Start Timer event using process variable? Because i saw only Constant, Parameter and Script only. In Script option, i failed to find the process variable i declared. Any suggestion/help?

Thank you

Timer Event


I've situation where i must send email notification to user. That email was intended to notify the user to renew their contract. This email must be sent 6 moth earlier prior the end date. I try to avoid any human involvement in this task. But i'm blank here because i cant use timer event on service task.

  1. Is there any best solution to solve this matter
  2. Is it still possible not to involve any human in this task


Start a process when receiving mail


I want to start a process when I receive a new mail.

For this, I'm using the start event "timer" and, for example, every 2 hours it will start the process, check if I have new mail and continue the process.

But I wanted to know : Is it possible de start my process without the timer start event, by starting it after I receive a new mail ?

Thanks, Emilien