Tomcat 7

Tomcat cannot be launched

I just installed Bonita BPM 7.2.2 in a Windows 10 (x64) computer and it went without issues. Then I tried to run the expense report example and I got the following error:

'Starting Tomcat v7.0 Server at localhost has encountered a problem.'
Server Tomcat v7.0 Server al localhost failed to start.

And then the next window appeared with another message:

Bonita 7 - Tomcat SQL Server

Je souhaiterai réaliser une installation Bonita 7.1 - Tomcat 7- MSSQL Server 2012 sur un Windows Server 2008 R2
Dans la configuration des environnements : il est dit que qu'un environnement Tomcat/SQL Server ne serait pas supporté et ne fonctionnerait tout simplement pas à cause de Bitronix.

$CATALINA_PID was set but the specified file does not exist. Is Tomcat running? Stop aborted.


I change the and I try to restart the tomcat server to try the new config. I go in the bonita/bin folder and use the command "./". It returns this error : $CATALINA_PID was set but the specified file does not exist. Is Tomcat running? Stop aborted.

Anyone know what I can do ?

I found this :

But I don't like to kill a process without knowing the consequencies.

LDAP Bonita Community (JAAZ ERROR)


Unix, Bonita 6.3.8 Community, Tomcat, and Mysql.

I used this documentation for LDAP:

When will Versions of Bonita be available with Tomcat 7?

Hi there,

just downloaded 6.3.7 and see the bundled Tomcat is still 6.

When will a version bundling Tomcat 7 be made available?

Many thanks and best regards Seán

Bonita subscription deployment upgrade 6.2.3 to 6.3.3 issues.

I have attempted to migrate our Bonita Subscription version 6.2.3 running on Tomcat 7 and MySQL to version 6.3.3. I followed the directions listed here:

I am now seeing this error repeated in the Bonita log. I am assuming that I have a bad jar file somewhere but I've looked over the migration steps and I cannot find anywhere that I went wrong.

I get a 500 error when going to the Bonita Portal.