Problem in substituting translated language

Dear All,
I have a big problem. I want to add the Persian language to Bonita studio. BTW, It made based on Eclipse Babel. Because lack of supporting the Persian language in Eclipse Luna, I can't do that. I decided to substitute the Persian "*.properties" files that I get from translation site for the French language. I have copied them to the "fr" folder in bonita-studio/translation directory. After Compilation it works. However, Some words for button such as Yes, No, and
Cancel does not changed yet. I think they doesn't belong to ".properties" files.

add a new translated language to BonitaBPM community

Hi All,
I want to add a new language to Bonita BPM community 7.3, I mean that both studio and portal.
so, some months ago, I have joined to translation project at "http://translate.bonitasoft.org/" for translating to my local language. Moreover, my question is how can i add a translated language to Bonita community 7.3.in other words, the translation site give me a bonita-bpm.zip file and how can i use this file.

any help is acceptable.
Best Regard.