Is it possible to visualize in the UI the column names of a pickle?

Hi all! I am stuck trying to upload and then visualize the column names of a pickle (.sav) in the UI.

With Python I would use the following code for the visualization of the column names:

import pickle
pickle_path = r"D:\downloads\pickle_test.sav"
gpds = pickle.load(open(pickle_path), "rb") #open pickle to read it
gpd = gpds['dict1'] #select the dictionary
gpd.info() #show column names

My knowledge of JavaScript is limited and I don't know how to do it. Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance!


How can I display some case details when I click the case in a table row?

I am following this old tutorial to create a table with all the cases and then be able to see some details of each case when you click one of the table rows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B34eJdgGdt4&t=221s.

I have two variables:

  • Name: report, Value: ..//API/bdm/businessData/com.company.model.BusinessObject?q=find&p=0&c=10, Type: External API
  • Name: selectedReport, Type: String

In the first container there is a table with:

How to count row in the table


Does anybody here know how to count rows in the table widget and display the count result in the UI? for example i want to count how many table rows of my pending vacation request table and display the count result in the UI.

thank you

How to write dynamic query in bonita studio bdm?

I have five filter fields in my application home page (dashboard -> where I am showing all the records from h2 DB) now I want to filter the records on these fields basis.
It may require 31 (2^5 -1) queries, some are already provided as default queries.

Isn't there a way to write a dynamic query in "custom queries" or somewhere to get the desired result at UI?

How do you display a business variable list (containing SQL data) in the UI table widget?


I'm quite new to Bonitasoft. I'm currently using the Bonitasoft 7.4.3 Community Edition, to use as a POC to show to my manager the capabilities of Bonitasoft in terms of a BPM offering.

I'm having issues with displaying a business variable list containing data from a MS SQL table into the UI table widget. I've gone through the tutorials on the UI and have looked at all questions and answers containing the linking of external data and displaying the data in the UI. Below is what I've done.