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Get contract contents in a groovy script connector

Is it possible to get the contents of a contract in a groovy script? I created in my pool a contract that in UI Designer is an input field, I can get the contents of this contract in a groovy script?

Is it possible to change the Expense Reports sample according to my need?

In the example that is made available in the BonitaSoft documentation, Expense Reports, every time the "ADD" button is clicked a new line is added to add more items to the "formInput" array, however my need would be that clicking the "ADD" The content of the fields you added in the array, however, instead of adding one more line, you would leave the same row only blank so the user could have more items in the array, is that possible?

Any tips I appreciate very much.

Link for exemple

Apply filter on a variable External API

I would like to know if it is possible to apply a filter to an external API variable of the UI Designer in the field "Avalaible value" so that only data that matches the one selected previously is displayed.

I need this because I am developing a screen where there will be several lines, as if they were items of an order, and for this I need the filter to be made according to what was being selected previously but in that line. I have an example that works exactly as I need it however the content is brought from a JSON variable and not a REST API.

Separate the contents of an Array into a Table

I created an array in UI Designer via Javascript, but when I display my Array in a table, the content of the array is one line below the other, how can I break the contents of the sse array and separate it into columns?

I created the array this way:

Is there another way to bring data from BDM to UI Designer other than through a API REST?

I am using a REST API variable to bring BDM data and display it in the UI Designer, my question is if there is another way to bring the BDM contents to the UI Designer?

Variable API Rest for popular dropdown with BDM content

Following the example Expense Reports that is made available in the BonitaSoft Site I was able to create a kind of page to select items that come from the bank to create a request with that however I am not able to access the content of what was selected in the first dropdown for then popular the second Dropdown.

How to access data from a subarray by UI Designer?

How can I access data from a subarray in UI Designer? Following the example of expense reports that is available in Bonita Community, I was able to add the data to an array in the UI Designer and then bring them to the BonitaSoft studio, however I have a dropdown that should be filled according to item Selected in the first dropdown, according to the following image:

Is it possible to create a list of information in JSON format in UI Designer?

I am displaying data that is brought into the database in some Dropdowns, as if it were some sort of shopping cart page from E-Commerce sites, at the moment my page looks like this:

Modify widget values based on other widget - UI Designer


I need to make a page where it contains a custom widget.

How can I get a value from a selected value?

I have a select widget with values ​​[Lucas, Rafael]

If the value selected is "Lucas" in the text box next to it, the value will be "lucas@teste.com.br"

Thank you very much!

How to display an array in UI Designer?

My question is divided into two parts. Is it possible to display the contents of an array in the UI Designer, and the second part is how do I add rows to this array, and then every time I add rows to the array it appears updated in UI Designer? I'm new to BonitaSoft, if you have any tips on how I can do this. My idea was to display the array contents in a table, is that possible?