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How to set the initial value of Input Form in UI Designer


Just want to ask how to show in the input field a specific value. I want to show it once the task is been returned to the user for them to see the initial value and then they will decide whether to retain the value or not. I used java scripting method but it is not working. I don't know if my javascript below is correct since I dont know the name or id of the input box in bonita. I only use the value I assign as the name of the field and then set the value.

Here is my javascript below:

How to fetch data in UI designer and update the records.


I have a scenario wherein I want to update records once created when it is rejected by the approver. First I created and fill up the task when I submit it will go to the manager. When the manager login and rejects the task it will go back to the initiator and the initiator will update the fields required. I want to fetch the previous data and will allow the user to update his/her records then will submit again to the manager.

How to make attachment not required?


I want to make the attachment not required. I use these File upload and download process example (http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/file-upload-and-download-process...). I cannot submit the form when it is empty. How can I make it optional and can submit the form when it is null and have an attachment. If this cannot be done is there a workaround for attachment.

Note: I use the multiple attachment option since our user attach multiple of documents.

How to convert code and id in forms bonita?


I need to convert the id and code to name. I save the id and code in my main table instead of the name. But when I display the content of table it shows the id and code. I have tables that handle the equivalent of the code and id. How can i convert it in my UI Designer. Please help. Thanks


Bonjour, j'ignore si c'est lié a mon navigateur , je viens de télécharger la version 7.4.1 de bonita mais le UI designer m'empêche de travailler correctement.


someone can help me

Identity Api inside a custom application page


Just needed some information .

Is it possible to use the Identity APi inside a Custom application page.

I am using a Custom App page to display business data. This page is not a part of the portal but a part of Bonita Living app.

Here I wanted to use the Api to find the username and other details .

Somehow its not responding here. Does not return any data .( am i doing something wrong)

Hence i was wondering if we could use this api as a part of our Designer page. ?

I am using Bonita 7.1.2

Adding some more information

¿How could I copy an entire Bonita Form, or re-use?

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2.0, and have some questions.

I have many forms that are very similar, and I would like to copy a rename a form to use the same base.
I have investigated and it can't be done, I have seen the fragment in the subscription version, and they can be re-used in different form.
But can I copy a form, and rename it and use it in different task, or this isn't possible, the unique option are the fragments, and only if you have the subscription version. Am I wrong?

Thank you very much.

Using API Rest

I'm using an API to bring the information to the person who is logged into the portal, the information that brings me the API such as the name or department to which it belongs within the organization could be stored in a variable using the UI Designer, this can be?
I apologize if I'm not being very clear with the question, I do not have much experience using BonitaSoft.



PD. I'm using subscription Edition

Manejo de Multiples Documentos

Hola, estoy diseñando un formulario que se le ingresará información a través de un usuario, tendrá otro campos para cargar varios documentos a la vez, puede añadir uno o varios, pero estos documentos son opcionales, el formulario debe avanzar aunque el usuario no cargue documentos o archivos. Mientras cargue el archivo avanza a la siguiente etapa, sin embargo, el problema es cuando no se añade ningún archivo y no deja avanzar a la siguiente tarea.