UI Designer

Remove button only supports first/last item (UI Designer)

Hi, in the UI Designer I can only select first or last item to delete. What if I want to delete any item in between? That would require me to delete all following items first, which causes the user to loose alot of data. I would like to place the remove button right next to the item and when pressed just delete this individual item. Any idea how this can be achieved?

Bonita 7 - UI Designer bug with business object composition?

Hi all, with great excitement I downloaded and installed Bonita 7 today and I created three business object: applicant, application, interview. An appliant has multiple application which have multiple interviews. When I create this as a contract and open the UI designer it generates a nice form but in the preview mode as well as when running the application I can only create applications for the applicant. The buttons generated to create interviews for an application don't work.

Any idea?