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Heads Up - Bonita BPM 7.0 UI designer - great idea, poor implementation

The intention of this post is to serve as a "heads up" for Bonita BPM creators. But since this is a space for answers, here I ask: When will the questions below be addressed/corrected/resolved and features recreated?

LLenar un widget select en el UIDesigner desde base de datos sql

Que tal estimados, estoy tratando de llenar un select dentro del UIDesigner mediante base de datos SQL, ¿alguien tiene idea de como hacerlo?, les comento que hice una business variable donde el valor default es una lista proveniente de la consulta del SQL, mas no se como relacionar esa variable dentro del UIDesigner y no se si sea la forma correcta de hacerlo, cualquier apoyo es bueno!

  • Estoy en la versión 7 de bonitasoft
  • Java versión 8.
  • Windows 7

Gracias y Saludos

How to tell UI Designer how to sort items in a collection

Hi, is there a way I can tell the UI designer how to sort items in a collection (composition relatioship of business objects)? The individual item in the collection has various attributes that could be used to sort asc or desc.

Remove button only supports first/last item (UI Designer)

Hi, in the UI Designer I can only select first or last item to delete. What if I want to delete any item in between? That would require me to delete all following items first, which causes the user to loose alot of data. I would like to place the remove button right next to the item and when pressed just delete this individual item. Any idea how this can be achieved?

Bonita 7 - UI Designer bug with business object composition?

Hi all, with great excitement I downloaded and installed Bonita 7 today and I created three business object: applicant, application, interview. An appliant has multiple application which have multiple interviews. When I create this as a contract and open the UI designer it generates a nice form but in the preview mode as well as when running the application I can only create applications for the applicant. The buttons generated to create interviews for an application don't work.

Any idea?