How are UI designer Artifacts saved in Bonita server ?

Good afternoon everyone , I just wanna ask a question about UI designer Artifact , how they are saved in Bonita server ?!

Contrainte sur upload file

Juste savoir, est-ce possible de garder le bouton de Soumission inactif aussi longtemps que l'utilisateur essaye d'uploader un fichier au délà d'une taille max donnée?


Use API (Not own Bonita) in the Designer Form

Hello everyone,

I created an external Api Rest to use it in the form of Bonita's designer.
I know how to use Bonita's own Api, but my question is ...
In this case, how would the API that I created within Bonita (form) be used, this external API is to obtain read-only information.

Someone knows something about it?



Can't get document by url or id

Hey guys,
I read this: https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/documents-0 and tried to implement this but faild.
I tried two ways, that I will show you and maybe some of you can help me and say what the next steps could be.

First try:
I got the url of my pdf, its: documentDownload?fileName=BookOne.pdf&contentStorageId=1643

SELECT widget selected value

Hi All,

I have a SELECT widget that works perfectly, except for the fact that it doesn't display the current default value. It always defaults to the placeholder value.

This SELECT has the following parameters:

Placeholder: "Select an option..."

Available values: type_list, an external API variable that returns this JSON structure

How can I call an API from the UI Designer?

Hi everyone,
I want to call an API (not Bonita API) from a JavaScript variable from the UI Designer. I have the following code:

How to modify the default case overview


How to modify the current case overview?

How to create a custom case overview


I want to create a custom case overview showing different fields. First is the gatePassNo from a new bdm table then the taskname where the task is and then date created from the table where the gatePassNo is also found. But dont know how to create this following. I put all this field in a default table in UI Designer but the following fields came from different bdm table. Please help to create this.


Property of hide widget


I am using a data table widget and when I apply a condition in the hide property of this widget, it only hides the data and the name of the columns (headers) remains visible, does anyone know why this behavior?
In my understanding should completely hide the table not only the data.

That property of hiding the handling with a condition through a variable, if that field has a value different from the initial one is hidden.