Upload document

How to upload document to bonita

I want to upload all type of documents to be uploaded to alfresco but how is it possible using "cmis upload new document connector"?. Currently i can upload text document only. how is it possible in bonita.

How to Store attachment into hard drive .

how can i store attachment(document) from process uploaded by user to harddrive . it can be any type of document , .pdf , .doc , .xls etc.

Pl help . give any example .

Share Files Between Pools

Hi Fellows,

I'm working on Bonita 6.3 and have this issue.

I have 2 processes (pools) one contains a document field which upload files to the process as "evidence". For business rule this "evidence" must be send to another process which collect and attach them for future visualization.

My problem is that I can't find a way to send that file to the other pool just using Bonita API.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

HELP-HELP/Enregistrer un document dans Alfresco4.2 (Bonita 6.2.6)


j'essaie d'enregistrer (uploader) un document dans Alfresco ; j'utilise le connecteur mis à disposition dans Bonita 6.2.6 Community.

Dans un formulaire j'ai défini ma donnée "document", dans laquelle j'associe le fichier "essai2.docx", ce document doit être enregistré dans le répertoire Alfresco "Espaces Utilisateurs" ; j'ai donc paramétré les variables du connecteur comme suit :