Document storage URL attached in the process

The document variables present the context information as:

{"doc1": {"id": 7, " processInstanceId ": 6, "name": "doc1", "author": 4, " creationDate ": 1599156529940, " fileName ": "doc_name.pdf", " contentMimeType ":" application / pdf "," contentStorageId ":" 7 "," url ":" documentDownload ? fileName = doc_name.pdf & contentStorageId = 7 "," description ":" "," version ":" 1 "," index ": -1," contentFileName ":" doc_name.pdf "}," doc2 ": null}

The displayed url parameter is used only to download the document:

Add URL TO a form

Good morning ! so I have a process with two human tasks and added two external Forms to em using external URL option. Everything work fine in the portal . My goal is when I start the process outside the portal, I will be able to access the form using a URL containing that specific processeId and taskId, so how to build that URL , how to add it to the form , and what is the format of the Form URL ?

Dynamic URL in the body of a Email connector

Good morning
i want to do this in Bonita: send an Email with a link to my ERP in its body. This is the static URL of my ERP:

Variables in URL


Back in version 6.x, it was possible to set the values of process variables by having them in the process instantiation URL as a simple http query string.

Is it possible to do this in 7.x, and if so, how can it be done?


URL on the portal with a selected task

We want to send an email to the user with a link to the portal that shows the task he/she has to process. The following URL worked well with version 6.5. It opened the portal's task list and the task to be processed (in the example the task with id 480021) was already selected


How to change url of bonita?


Just want to ask how to change the url bonita. The path I am using right now is hobnta01:8080/bonita the hobnta01 is the machine name of my server to where it is reside but I want to change it and make it http://webforms.smretail.intranet:8080/bonita. Is there a configuration for this? Please help.


What is the URL for accessing Bonita Portal, if Jboss Bundle Installed on Linux

I installed the Jboss bundle on Linux, though terminal. I tried accessing Bonita Portal through :8080/bonita. I am getting "Unable to connect'.

Can anyone please tell me if I need to access some different port/url. Thank you.