Getting the information for next taskId Form

Hi All,

I have a basic process where an Actor after finished his task , an Email Connector notifies the other Actor that there is a pending task to him, how could I get the link of that next /pending task to that second Actor?



Authentication and IFrame


I'm showing bonita portal form into an IFrame giving form URL (cf : http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/accessing-bonita-bpm-portal-and-form...).

The problem is that I need to log-in everytime. Is it possible to connect to the portal through code in order to hide this part ?

Thanks :)

Start an application directly from a URL


We are doing a project where we connect our ERP with BPM Bonitasoft, inserting a specific value in the lines of the order should check if the line requires approval, if so, I wanted to start a process that I have implemented in the BPM through URL. This URL has a parameter (guid) that identifies the order line in the database of our ERP, so you can display data in order in the form of the process. My question is if you can start an application directly from a URL? When you run the application the URL automatically.

thank you very much


Groovy script - iFrame - URL

Hi everyone,

I want to include another web page in my form. I think I need to use an iFrame but it doesn't work. I didn't find something in the documentation about that. I entered the URL of the iFrame : “http://www.google.com“ .. doesn't work I entered the URL of the iFrame via a groovy script in returning an URL : import java.net.URL;

def webpage = new URL('http://www.google.com'); return webpage;

Do you have a groovy script working? Thanks,


Get the url of the current task when entering

I want to integrate a task with payment service (paypal) and need to get the url of the task when entering, and then set the service callback reference it to this url. Son when the payment is done, redirect to the webform. Is it possible??