user management

Using custom user management module instead of Bonita's inbuilt one

Where could i find documentation on using my own user management module instead of Bonita's inbuilt one to define my own user and their roles?

Crear nueva variable de metadatos de usuarios

Hola a todos.

Si alguien puede ayudarme diciendo si hay la posibilidad de agregar o modificar una nueva variable de metadatos para la creación de un nuevo usuario, por ejemplo quiero almacenar el DNI o Cedula de un usuario, el codigo departametal, etc. O en su caso poder modificar las variables por defecto que vienen con Bonita.

Necesito conocer si hay la posibilidad de Urgencia..


Metadata User - I need create new variable metadata

Hello everybody My problem is with metadata user, I need add new a variable metadata for register new user (for example "Department: 'RRHH' " ).Or la possibility of change name the label metadata.

I need urgent for my project Thanks..

Always walter.bates to run the diagram

created an organization... DONE created the users.... DONE Then: Configure the users....DONE Configure the login... DONE

The user I have created and configure to start is: mario.buyer

Create a custom privilege to constraint user management

Is it possble to create a custom privilege to create users allowed only to manage users belonging to certain user groups and limit also which roles can be assigned to those users managed by these manager users?

For example, imagine we have users u11 and u12 belonging to group g1. We would like to create a manager user mu1 belonging to group g1 that could only add, update and delete users belonging to that group g1. In addition we would like that the roles that can be assigned to u11 and u12 by um1 to be a subset of the available roles.