How to Get UserId of selected user in form .

I create one form with select field , and add initial value is list of user in that select field .

Comment récupérer l'adresse mail d'un utilisateur et le stocker dans un champs d'un formulaire?

Comment récupérer l'adresse mail d'un utilisateur et le mettre dans un champs d'un formulaire ?

Comment permettre au utilisateurs de modifier eux même leur mot de passe ?


Comment permettre aux utilisateurs de modifier eux même leur mot de passe ?

How to give choice to user for going to which stage

i create one process and there are sequence 4 human task . and create two button for submit , demote .

now i want to know 1. how to add event on button (on-click) 2. now when user at 4th task click on 'demote' , it prompt for which task u want to go (1,2,3) and whichever user select , process task again from that selected task .


Current user

How can i get my current user information in connector implementation?

How to delete a user with Bonita 6.1+ Rest API ?

Hello bonita community,

I am writing a java client for bonita 6.1 rest API using Apache HttpClient 4.3.1

Currently i'm facing a problem with the HTTP DELETE method.

When i want to delete a single entry I execute a httpDelete on

Can I redirect a task to a specific user?

I have heard people saying there is no tool on the market (IBM, Oracle, Tibco etc.) that allows the flow to be directed to a selected user (because BPMN2 does not allow for that.)

Is this true? Can't this be done?

For instance, let's say you want to send an approval request specifically to some user because you've already dealt the details with her. You don't want to let the approval request to be picked up from whoever is in the Request Aprover role, instead you want, say, Dina to pick it up (who happens to be part of the role Request Aprover btw.)

User Metadata

In Bonitasoft 5.x I could define user metadata and set it from the administration view. Does this exist in version 6.x? If not, is there new equivalent functionality?

Do Bonita BPM integrates with LDAP ?

I already have all my organisation and users in LDAP.

How can I integrate Bonita BPM with my LDAP, import everything, and eventually update info in LDAP ?