How to get all members for a select widget

I have a problem, I read the documentation but could not get it work.

My instantiation form should show all employees so that the user can select from the select widget.

How can I load a group of users into a select widget? I tried using API but could not find the right line to do it.

Could someone point me to a good example or write the API how to load the usernames and Ids?

Thank you in andvance!

(RESOLVED) how can I add a new user from the BPM interface?

I found the user "Walter.bates" and I changed it to a new username and password. Now my project won't launch. I would appreciate any help on this matter.

thanks for looking

Edit: in case anyone is as dumb as I am, you change it by clicking on the configure icon, then go to authentication. There you can change user names and passwords.

Always walter.bates to run the diagram

created an organization... DONE created the users.... DONE Then: Configure the users....DONE Configure the login... DONE

The user I have created and configure to start is: mario.buyer

Current user

How can i get my current user information in connector implementation?