Get User List with Role & CustomUserInformation in an Actor Filter

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it possible to get a list of user with SearchOptionBuilder in an Actor Filter, using the role of the user and his customUserInformacion.

I already have a filter using SearchOptionBuilder with a Role ID to get the list of user, but in this scenario I need to get users using the Role ID and some of the customUserInformation to do it.



How to get all members for a select widget

I have a problem, I read the documentation but could not get it work.

My instantiation form should show all employees so that the user can select from the select widget.

How can I load a group of users into a select widget? I tried using API but could not find the right line to do it.

Could someone point me to a good example or write the API how to load the usernames and Ids?

Thank you in andvance!

Select a user and store his ID

Hello guys !

I want to select a list of users in a form and store them in the database.

In my project the user wants to select some projects (create a video / create a website / create a poster / ....), Each "project" has his own object in Database. For each project the user should be able to select a list of user who will be in charge of the project.

How to obtain active tasks for a case


I need to obtain the list of active tasks and the users asignned for a case.

With this API: /API/bpm/caseInfo/caseID I can get the list of the active tasks, but the API doesn't return the user asignned to each task.


Search Bonita Portal Users returns "no data"


I'm trying to search users in Admin Page on Bonita Portal 6.5.4 on Centos 6x, and Bonita Engine returns no data. I can't change passwords or disable users!

The bonita.log returns:


2019-02-05 14:43:57 org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.login.datastore.LoginDatastore
SEVERE: Error while logging in the engine API.

Can someone help me, please!

Thanks in advance,


Further information: I read other forum quesitions like:

Which infrastructure I need for an organization of 300 users

Good afternoon,
Which infrastructure I need for an organization of 300 users, I am using the community version

I count on
2 servers of [4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 96 GB]

Multiple users to a ProcessInstance

Hi Bonita Community,
I have User group, What i need to dispose tasks for each user, when each one finish their tasks,
-he will be added to a list.
-if he negates his addition in the middle of his interaction, he will be not added.

in each of this cases, the task will be release to a next user, but for Interested/Disinterested users, will not appers this processTasks again.

I need a full code path orientation, i dont have BonitaBPM expertise and im a college volunteer and dont received any education in BonitaBPM from my superiors, Help me please.

Who user has done a task?


Is there a way in order to know who user that has done a task and the date in what this task has been done?In which table of databse are registered?

Many thanks.

Getting Task Actor via API REST (BOS 6.X)

Hi there again!

Guys, i really need some info related to the tasks and the users that can actually perform them. I really don't know where to start, maybe i'm missing a lot of things. I googled a little and looked in this forum with no luck, if any of you have any tutorial or some resource about how to deal with bonita users, that'll be awesome!

I have a simple process with 1 task and 1 Actors group (if i can call them like that). I've assigned the task to that specific actor group.