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This page runs different static rules, to detect in advance some error a process may have during the production.

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Parameters for connectors - Validation

I'm trying to use a parameter for a REST client, and I can´t find a way to provide the correct value to the conector.
I't seems that it is validating the parameter VALUE against this regular expression:(^[a-zA-Z]+|^\$)[a-zA-Z0-9$]*

this is the stacktrace:

How can I show in UI a configurated restriction message ?

Hi to all ( Bonita 7.1.3 with Windows )

I see that if I use a BDM object in a task without a form, if I configure a Restriction in Contract for a field of the object, if the script of validation returns "false", when I execute the task, the message that I wrote at Restriction appears after click in submit button.

If now, I configure a form in the same task ( this form takes directly the attributes of the contract object ), when I execute the task, if the field doesn't pass the validation, the message of Restriction don't appears.

validation message not displayed

I am running the latest travel tool sample application downloaded from github. The process runs well but the validation message as set in process "constraints is not displayed on form in browser." I have removed the $form.$invalid on submit button for travel request submission form to allow request to go to server so that validation occurs at server and in case of failure, message is displayed on screen.

How to find where and error is ?


On Bonita Studio, when I click on "Run" the studio run the process Validation. An error message say "Some errors have been found in the diagramProcess". I click on "See details". It open the "Validation status" tab. This tab is empty. I check the "Validation status" tab of all my subprocess, but they are all empty.

How can I see where the validation found an error ?