Custom widget to validate user input

Not really a question but I could not find a lot of information in the documentation or the existing contributed projects.

I have a form with SIREN / SIRET fields (those are identification numbers for french companies). A siren is 9 digits and a siret is 14. I could easily use standard widgets for the length but that was all.

So I created a custom widget starting with pbInput standard widget (workspace/default/web_widgets). I removed minLength, maxLength, type, min value, max value and and added an inputType property which value can be siren or siret (default: siren).

editable grid validator bonita 5.10.2


i'm using an editable grid in a form, and i want to add a validator (integer, float, string, not null ....),

how can i do this ?


BOS Studio 7.0.1 error while creating Validator using Groovy Expression in a Form or Field

Hello, on both 7.0 and 7.0.1 BOS community studio, when trying to create a Validator on a form or a field, using a Groovy expression, the following error occurs:

"An error has occurred. See error log for more details. org.eclipse.ui.part.FileEditorInput cannot be cast to org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject"

I've tried the Studio on several machines with the same results. The error does not happen in Studio v6.5.1 Seems like a bug. Java version: 1.8.0_31 Error stack and configuration follows:

Validator with groovy database connection

I'm developing with Bonita CE 6.3.2

I'm newbie and tried a lot to find answer for this but without sucess !

1) I created an instantiation form for anonymous access. I've text field where user inputs a value. I need to validade if that value exists in a mysql table. How can I do it ? Can you please explain be step by step how can I write some groovy code to achieve this ?

Two submitbuttons on one page with page-validator makes clicked submitbutton exclusive

Dear Bonita-community,

I encounter a strange behavior when using two submit-button on one page. The page has also a page-validator (That for instance only does a check on clicked button and returns always false). When I have clicked one of the two submit-buttons, the submit-button clicked stays active but then the other submit-button becomes disabled/not active. There is not detection anymore that the second submit-button is clicked.

Has anybody else found this problem and what would be the solution?

Cheers, Steven

PageValidator and submit action


I would like to check if some fields are filled, but "only" depending on submit button clicked by user.

My intention was to develop a PageValidator for each Form (or a single one Generic) and to get all form values and "which was the submit action choosen", but in my IFormPageValidator implemented class it seems that only arrives:

public boolean validate(Map<String, FormFieldValue> fieldValues, Locale locale) {

Validating size of documents


I have a form and a upload widget working fine. When submited, it sets the file in a document defined in my process. I need to validate de size of this document. I try to create a grovy script validator but i just have a instance of org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document interface and it not have methods to get lenght. How can i validate the size of documents?


Field validator error

Hello ! I have 2 password fields on my form: password and passwordConfirm And for the 2-nd field i use a Groovy expression validator with this params : return password.equals(field_passwordConfirm) (password is a text variable that takes value of field_password) .Independently the values of fields are equals or not bonita gives me my validators error text . How can i solve it?

How to create validator for editable grid

Good day,

I have an editable grid which I use to enter prices (e.g. 1000.99, 999.01). I would like to have a validator to check if the entered data is a number or not.

I tried creating a validator with type double numeric, float numeric, long numeric or short numeric but it didn't work.

Please help on how to do validation for the cells in the activity grid.

Thanks in advance.