How i can retrieve a variable of a specific task?


I would like to get all the variables of an specific task. I have reviewd this documentation :

But only i can retrieve the variables that are there in pool not in a specific task(either humanask or serviceTask).


How to pass JSON values from form to process variable


I'm using bonita 7.2.3. I created a custom widget, to obtain a table with a column that contains checkboxes to get row selected. I created also in the form page a JSON variable to collect values checked in the table. The variable is correctly populated and on page submit I need to transfer those values to a process variable (the type is java.util.List) I defined in the process.
Contract variables can't be defined as List, so how can I pass values from page to variable? Using a text contract variable, I obtain an error message as JSON cannot be assigned to TEXT.

How to set Connector Setting with Variables


I have a problem about setting connector inputs with variables.

For example i have to set MsSql db connector and for example when i set the URL like jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=myDbName and connector start successfully

but extually i am trying with a different way because our connector parameters will be changed and its to easy only change the one of connector set of variable.

i set a variable (data) as olala, the variable of olala is myDbName,

and i try to set the URL like ;


If one of my variables is going to be an upload file, which variable data type should I use?

Retrieving variables from call activity (BOS 6.X) via API REST

Hi there!

I have 2 pools connected by a call activity. Is there any posible way to retrieve a(all) variable(s) from the "children" pool via API REST?

Here's a briefing :)

Getting variables from call activities using API REST (BOS 6.X)

Hello there

I have 2 process diagrams (MyDiagram1, MyDiagram2) connected by a call activity, i mapped a variable for each process, but i want retrieve/update the variable data from 2nd pool via API REST

I need it for call a DataBase connector inside the 2nd pool.

if i update the variable in the 1st pool, the 2nd takes the value and execute the connector like a charm, but now, i need to update the variable on the 2nd pool in order to execute the connector with new data

Start process. Custom object as parameter.


I'm trying to start a process with a Custom Object variable but it doesn't work.

This is my "POJO". I add a jar with this class into BonitaStudio and if I set a default value of it it's works. But i want to start the process with this object (really i need a most complex object but i'm trying with this one)

public class LdapSelection implements Serializable {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

Is there any way to push form's field data to dashboard comment field


I create one approval process , now when user log in to system he can find process status in comments on dashboard now when user go to task and fill form and then write some comment in filed of form . and store in variable

but i want that comment field of form , next user can see on dashboard's (portal) comment . how to achieve it

Use javascript to access field value in form.

I have a simple workflow that calls an external QC system to validate a file. Once the file is validated I make a call to get a base64 string which contains the PDF report for the file.

I have created a connector that calls the external QC system and loads the PDF Base 64 string into a process variable called pdfReport.

Now I want to use javascript to render the PDF report from a form inside of Bonita.