Use of MySQL in bonita

I have some questions regarding the use of MySQL in bonita:

Business model version?

From my understanding The portal treat each version of a process as a different one, but what happen if I decide to change the business model for one of the process version, let´s say I´m in a production environment and I got a process A then I decide to upload a new version of process A (A.1) but it have a slightly different business model is there a way to work with both business model together or the importing process will overwrite the old business model...?

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  • Author : Frederic KREBS
  • Bonita BPM version : 6.5.3

Description For a process name, find the highest enabled and resolved deployed process version In this example, search a process name in the first form , and view the resulting info, the process info, on a second form

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I'm new to Bonita and just downloaded the latest version to try it out but I noticed that the Sharepoint connector was not available. Which version of Bonita BPM can be integrated with Sharepoint?

Support for Bonita 5

We are currently using Bonita 5.10.2. Will Bonita 5 continue to be supported? Will it be upgraded to run under Java 8 for instance?

If Bonita 5 will not longer be supported is there a way of moving our present archived process instances to Bonita 6? We need to retain access to these for auditing purposes. Is Bonita perhaps providing a paid for migration service?