Web API new case error

Hi everyone,
like said by Sean I'm trying to use Web Api to connect to Bonita BPM Engine. I'm trying to start a process by creating (please correct me if I'm doing wrong) a new case. I'm using the sample process "create supplier", using postman chrome plugin as a client for Web API.

This that follow the Json used for the request:

Creating an API connector to pull web data

Using Bonitasoft 7 community edition. Using Yahoo yql, to get a Yahoo finance API.

I have created API calls in forms to get data from Yahoo.However I need to create a call for the same information within the process.

This seemed like viable option however I have been unable to get it to integrate with Bonita 7 http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/rest-connector

I have been getting the error,

Please Provide code for get taskname , taskid , current Case id using Bonitasoft api

hello ,

i create one process at i want to mail Admin after task completed following details

**logged User ID logged User Name Name of task Case ID Task ID **

i found user detail by getIdentityAPI() but how to find this processes terms .

pl provide specific code or API name

thanks advance for the help

REST API Bonita 6.x Authentication 401 Unauthorized

Hello guys,

i am really new to bonitasoft.

Please help, i am writing my thesis at university and i already spend too much time on this issue and cannot go on because of this problem.

I did installed bonita(didn't need to do any configurations), created organisation and a process and deployed them. Now i want to integrate the bonita engine with a remote custom UI.

Problems with api type http and server

If i configure my Bonita in "bonita-client.properties" to http api type. The http api doesn't work ( server doesn't respond), are there any changes which i also have to do?Are there any other documents which could help me?