Is it possible to start a process instance from a web application

I have the following situtation:

1 - A web portal of an organization has a feature that records customer orders;
2 - Whenever a request is received It's necessary to start an organizational process to treat the order generated;

What It's already done:
1 - The web portal already exists;
2 - We designed a process to treat the order;

Now I want do link both in a way that every order generates it's own process instance.

Is there a connector to call RESTful webservice just like the SAOP webservice connector ?

Is there a connector to call RESTful webservice just like the SAOP webservice connector ?

Webservice connector output response

I have a webservice connector which creates an id everytime a particular task is performed.
I have the following as the groovy script output.

import javax.xml.transform.*
import javax.xml.transform.dom.*
import javax.xml.transform.stream.*
import org.w3c.dom.*
import groovy.xml.DOMBuilder

Element root = ((DOMSource) response).getNode().getFirstChild(); // warning
NodeList result = root.getElementsByTagName("variable");
String xmlContent = result.item(0).getTextContent();

out = xmlContent // warning

webservice example

Q: Can you point me to an example of how I would access a webservice using bonitasoft.


How to access unverified https webservices from Bonita studio application server

Hi there,

I need to access webservices from bonita. Those webservice rely on https but use autogenerated certificates ...

Importing certificate in trustore and fixing environment via setenv script works on our test application server but doen't seem to work if I do exaclty the same in studio workspace.

Does studio embeded tomcat server make use of setenv.sh ?


Web Service Connector Authentication and WSS


I am new to Bonita (as of today :)).

Just tried a simple Web service and it works fine with unsecured web service and Basic Authentication, but our production web services require WS-Security with Username Token.