Chatbot UI for Bonita

(Bonita newbie question)


I was thinking about using chatbot technologies to interact with Bonita, either from bonita to the user (ex. asking a question and waiting for a yes or no answer to proceed to the next activity) or from the user to bonita (ex. starting a process or another, choosing an answer or sending a document).

Do you think Bonita could handle this ? If so, what API would you use ? With which limitations ?

Thanks for your answer,

Getting Data from SOAP webservice in a human task.


I have created a web form associated with a human task in bonita 7.2 workflow. This form is suppose to be taking all it's data from an existing soap webservice. How am I suppose to do that? Also, I think that my SOAP connector is 1.1 as opposed to the one provided by Bonita (1.2).

Thank you!!