Unattended/Automated Installation?

Hi all.

I've been tasked with deploying BonitaStudio Community (Windows x64) to a few of our team members, and I wanted to know if it were possible to automate the installation (e.g. via SCCM/PowerShell AppDeploy/DesktopCentral) and if so, what are the necessary command line switches to allow this?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Configuration SSL sur windows

No more service.bat ! How install bonita server as an windows service ?


In precedent version of bonita server, there was a service.bat in bin directory which was to install and then manage the start and stop for bonita server.

So how can we acheve this since there is no more the service.bat and jbosssvc.exe in bin directory...

Thanks for response.

Problem starting Bonita 7.0.0 + Tomcat + MySQL

Hi, I am trying to run Bonita/Tomcat using MySQL but it seems some problems encountered while initializing the platform and I don't know where I should check..
I followed every detail as said in Bonita documentation

Normally after init I should get "" run "" .. it's not the case as you can see in the log file and I don't know what the problem might be.


Connector return value exception: com.thoughtworks.xstream.mapper.CannotResolveClassException

Hi @all

Env: Win7-32Bit/Bonita BPM Community Edition 6.5.0/Java 8

I created a connector which calls a service class that uses JPA to query the DB and returns a POJO. When I test the connector, querying the DB (with usage of persistence.xml) works ok, but when connector is closed (or whatever is its state within the BPM) and the result ist returned I get the following exception: