Change Portal Look and Feel

Hi everybody BonitaSoft lovers :3

I got another question hope you guys can help me, right now Im working with the performance edition of Bonita7 and Im trying to change the look and feel of the portal, reading the documentation it says that I can go to the portal as an administrative user and in the portal section I can download and modify the file, my problem is that when I extract and compress it again in a zip even if I don´t modify the files inside the zip I got an error when I try to upload it into the portal.

Connectors packaging: how to package various connectors in a single zip


we currently have a set of connectors that have exactly the same jar dependencies, and that represents a kind of connectors library.

Is there a way to load them togethers in a single .zip (or whatever extensions) file (avoiding duplicating the libraries in the packaged file) into Bonitasoft?

Best regards.