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"Software developers can be heroes. They alone have the power to create vital business solutions that the rest of the organization needs to succeed. Given the right tools, any developer can transform into a developer hero, saving the day and pushing the organization to a new level of productivity." – Miguel Valdes Faura

Last week we celebrated Bonita Day and the launch of Bonita BPM 7. Many of you joined us for our webinar and actively tweeted during it – you are awesome.

We would not be the company we are today without our community. Your feedback, contributions and insight into the market helps us deliver the best software for building the apps that today’s businesses need.

Today, we are launching a new program for our #DeveloperHeroes to take Bonita BPM Everywhere. You have been our heroes in our community, driving the conversation, asking and answering questions and much more. Now, we invite you to participate in a new challenge to showcase your hero status beyond the community.

Take Bonita BPM Everywhere, where?

  • anywhere software is reviewed: tell your fellow developers why you use it and what you like about it (for example, Capterra, IT Central Station...there are others, tell us your favorite!)
  • in our Community contributions: share custom widgets, REST API extensions, examples, connectors, even applications.
  • on your site, our site, or other sites where developers gather: share tutorials, blog posts, tips & tricks.

Your opinion about and contributions for Bonita BPM 7 is what we need, but feel free to share about Bonita BPM 6 too. We’ll offer more suggestions about how you can take Bonita BPM Everywhere in upcoming posts.

Be sure to tell us everywhere you have taken Bonita BPM, and we’ll follow you there. We have some awesome #DeveloperHero t-shirts that we can’t wait to hand out.

Take Bonita BPM Everywhere and be a #SuperDeveloperHero to us!

Developer Hero t-shirt