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Dear Community,

I’m Nathalie, and I recently joined the Bonitasoft adventure as a Usability and Ergonomics Specialist.

My job is to put my 12 years of experience as a usability consultant at the service of Bonita BPM users, whatever their profiles and needs.

We are working to adjust the usability of Bonita BPM features – including the way they are displayed, and also according to your logical needs and expectations. We are taking on these challenges to help make you more efficient.

Here is what I do:

  • Conduct usability evaluations
  • Gather and apply your feedback (you can contact me via comment to this post)
  • Conduct remote or in-house usability testing: observe where what you need to do when building a process is not obvious enough or does not follow your logic, expectations or needs

To help me with these various assessments, I need volunteers! Some examples of how I will ask:

  • Polls to help us understand better how you interact with our product, to define requirements and specifications with a more accurate “you” in mind.
  • Polls to gather feedback on certain features. I’ll put up a poll whenever we have a specific question to ask, thanks to our Bonita Community manager Antoine.

Here is the first one.

Thank you in advance for spending 5 minutes to answer questions about our Bonita BPM Studio Overview pane today.

Be back soon.