Bonita BPM improves business operations by connecting people, processes, and information systems into easily managed applications.

An overview of Bonita BPM 6

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Design an executable process model with BPMN2 drag-and-drop elements. Start with a visual design, define data management, add connectors to external systems, and design user forms to complete a process application.

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Deploy applications remotely or on a co-located application server. Apps, user tasks, and users can be managed from desktop and mobile devices. Modify parameters directly in deployed apps.

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The Bonita BPM engine is a lightweight and powerful BPM engine that can be deployed standalone or embedded in your application. Developers can leverage both Java and REST APIs to interact with BonitaBPM engine services and BPM artifacts such processes, instances, tasks, actors...

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All capabilities packaged with Bonita Subscriptions are available in the Community Edition, though some shortcuts, wizards, and aids such as graphical query builders are available only with a subscription.

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