7.5 is coming soon!

Below are some of the items we're working on for this version. The final list will be available with the release.

  • Full Java 8 support
  • Support of SSO by SAML 2.0
  • Time management improvement
  • And much more to come. Stay tuned.

Our release strategy

At Bonitasoft, we release three different types of versions:

  • Maintenance release: Version x.y.Z

This version is released every two weeks and contains only bug fixes. The objective is to continuously fix bugs that interfere with your use of the platform.

  • Minor release: Version x.Y.z

This version is released every 6 months (except when there is a major release) and includes new features in the product. A beta version is shared with you a few months before the actual release, so you can have a first look at what’s coming, and give us feedback on the new features we’re building.

  • Major release: Version X.z.y

This version has no scheduled release date like we have for maintenance or minor versions. Releasing a major version means we are bringing breakthrough innovative changes, and that’s only possible after a significant (and not always predictable) amount of work.

You can find the release notes for the most recent version here. If you have questions, please visit our community forum.