How can we add a process comment with APIs ?


Hi !

I'm trying to add a comment to the process programmaticaly.
I have tried to add a connectorOUT, which takes my comment value from the form contract, and then call this code :

apiAccessor.processAPI.addProcessComment(processInstanceId, myCommentContract)

The problem is that the comment is added by the System User, and thus is not visible on the Comments Page.

Is there a way to add a comment to the Comments Page ?

Things I could try :

  • In a connector OUT : get the taskPerformerID, connect him, and execute "addProcessComment"


  • In the form : call the REST API (POST /bonita/API/bpm/comment ) on the submit button OnClick (is it possible ?)

Thanks :)

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Answer deleted -- sorry: it didn’t answer your question.
(I should read more carefully before I post :) )