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Bonjour, il y a quelques ameliorations que je pense seront bien utile pour les debutants comme moi.


l'interface de la BDM est vraiment excellent, mais a mon avis il manque la possibilité de définir des valeurs par défauts a mes colonnes , ce qui très important lorsqu'on fait de la modélisation de processus dans le secteur financier. Je suis donc oblige de passer soit,

au moment de l'initialisation du contrat de l'initialiser a zero. cela peut se comprendre mais imaginer si ma table fait 25 colonnes, le code devient très vite désordonné,

Se perdieron todos mis Data Models

Hola buenas a toda la comunidad de Bonita, soy nuevo en bonita 7.2, y cualquier ayuda será agradecida.
El problema es que al cargar por segudna vez el ejemplo del tutorial de Geting started : "Simple Travell Request", me mostró un mensaje diciendo que ya existi el flujo Simple Travel Request, que si quería sobre-escribirlo y respondí que sí.

What can cause a default transition to be triggered when another condition is fulfilled ?

TL; DR :

  • The default transition is the last condition in the transition ordering
  • I added a "display description" in the exclusive gateway, which shows that the input is really "REJETEE", so the transition condition should have been triggered
  • This behavior is not constant : most of the time the condition works fine, but 1/10 to 1/3 of the times it behaves differently


Widget on v7.0.1 works ok but in version 7.0.2 not

i have a date time picker widget.

I made it to change the text in the options to spanish.

I saw that all the widgets have access to the value in a variable but this can modify it in the version 7.0.2.

This is a bug or newer versions doesn't permit the value change in widgets?

in widgets to bind a variable the icon is fx, in normal widgets or not custom widgets the bind variable is as link, can i made a widget with link variables?

Can't export diagram to image : reason null


I'm using Bonita 7.0.1 on a Mac and I want to export my diagram to an image.

I tried to export it from the "Export as" > "Image" menu action but no matter the format I select, I always get the following error :

Copy Diagram to Image File could not be completed Reason null

Do you know how I could solve this?


REST API bug found executing a task /bonita/API/bpm/activity/[activityId]

We are using REST API to complete humanTask and we have found that sometimes we get a Response Status Code 404 Not found but the activity complete without error on bonita engine. This behavior is strange and happens just 3/4 times a day but we have many other activity completed of the same type. No error is logged on the bonita application log only the 404 response on the jboss http log, at the same time we log the 404 error the activity is signed as completed on the bonita engine DB without any error.

[Bug] Ajout de fichier javascript - Ressources qui ne chargent pas


Afin d'ajouter du javascript dans un widget html, j'ai ajouté des fichiers javascript dans le dossier Resources/application comme indiqué dans le tuto : http://community.bonitasoft.com/blog/how-add-custom-javascript-your-boni...

J'ai suivit chacune des étapes et lorsque je lance seulement la tâche qui contient le formulaire, tout fonctionne parfaitement bien.

How to report an Issue?

I have found a bug on bonita 6.3.1, a simple way to reproduce it and I need it fix!

Unfortunately I am not able to add an issue on "atlassian" because the button just doesn't show up! i tried to register with exactly the same mail and exact same info than here but nothing.

Anyway this is the problem... THE EXAMPLE: Step 1 and step 2 start at the begining, Step 3 needs Step 1 and Step 2 finished Step 4 needs only step 1 Step 5 needs Step 3 and Step 4 finished

And Gateway BUG?. bonita 6.3.1

I imported some projects from Bonita 6.04 wich worked perfectly there and now it's showing this error: "All Incoming transactions must come from the same gateway (explicit or implicit)." The error is displayed in every "and" gateway that i use when all inputs must be received before the process can continue . if what the error is saying is right, then the documentation is wrong and i don't know how to do it, if it's not right then what? downgrade or wait for new version?


The required feature 'target' / source must bet set

I am having some trobules when I deleted a Pool, the pool have one flow that receive a message... When I deleted this pool. The message flow disappears. But now when I try to execute the diagram, got this error: The required feauture 'source' of 'MyDiagram:message flow' must be set. The required feauture 'target of 'MyDiagram:message flow' must be set.

When I double click this error, It selects all the diagram. So I am not able to delete this message. Is it possible to remove this flow?