Bonita 7.11.1 is available
Download it now and enjoy!

Roadmap - What's next ?

Bonita 7.11

Now that Bonita 7.10 has been released, 7.11 is planned for the beginning of Q3 2020. This release should include some features improvements!

Mavenization of project artifacts

Mavenization of Groovy scripts, connectors, and actor filters open the way to create artifacts out of Bonita and declare them as project dependencies.

Bonita project documentation

A better way to communicate the details of the project between business users and the professional developers.

Bonita Engine performance

We keep making Bonita Engine faster!

Ensure long term UI technology support

We plan to upgrade to AngularJS 1.7 LTS in the near future. Our UI strategy is to progressively provide the capability to reduce AngularJS stickiness thanks Web Components technology.

New Bonita applications

Each Bonita user profile get is dedicated Bonita application. It will open the door to more customization!

Forms based on BDM definition

Drag and drop BDM objects onto a page to create widgets automatically.