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Create seamless, engaging and personalized digital process automation applications.

Bonita offers a powerful set of capabilities and the level of openness and extendibility you need to deliver automation projects rapidly and continuously.

Build business apps that connect personalized user interfaces with reliable back-office operations and business data on a single platform.

Become a Bonita expert!

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Design business process models graphically with BPMN2.0. Connect them to external systems, add business data, design the user interface and Bonita generates a powerful application for you in a snap!

Design your first process

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Deploy process models on the Java-based Bonita Engine. The engine is lightweight, powerful and you can leverage the comprehensive set of Java and REST APIs for ease of integration.

Build & Deploy

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Perform day-to-day tasks and application administration efficiently using the Bonita web portal. But that’s not all, you can even create a completely personalized end user application for your specific needs!

End user interface

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Bonita Subscription offers a professionally supported, high-performance platform for creating personalized business applications that are easy to adapt, update and monitor over time.

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