Roadmap - What's next ?

Bonita 7.12



Now that Bonita 7.11 has been released, 7.12 is planned for the end of Q4 2020.

This release will include improvements and new features on these topics :

  • Big reinforcement of the Community version with previous Enterprise capabilities in order to improve project best practices in Community,

  • Clear separation between visual programming vs coding approaches with SDK to develop your extension point with your favorite IDE

  • Improvement of work execution mechanism and recovery of outages

  • New extensible Bonita Apps to use as is or to customize easily with UI Designer

  • Maintenance version compatibility to streamline your Bonita platform updates and always be up to date with the latest stable and secure version

  • A new flexible BMPN visualisation *web* library

  • Removing of the pages created with Google Web Toolkits from Runtime’s UIs.