Frequently Asked Questions

Bonita BPM

Bonitasoft Community Website


Where is the documentation ?

The documention is available at:

How do I report an issue?

You've experienced an issue with one of the components of Bonita BPM? Or is there is an issue on the Community website?

Before reporting an issue, check:

  • You can describe how to reproduce it
  • You have all the information about your operating system, web browser and environment
  • The Java version you are using (Bonita BPM only)
  • Your issue is not a duplicate

Then, you can create an issue on our Community JIRA bug tracker:

Where is the source code ?

The source code of Bonita BPM 6.x is available on our GitHub repository:

The source code of Bonita Open Solution 5.x is available on our legacy SVN:

You can also find useful resources and source code from many tutorials and examples on our Community GitHub:

How do I translate Bonita BPM?

The best way to translate Bonita BPM 6.x into your language is to join our project on CrowdIn:

This is a really easy to use, to translate the end-user web interface (Bonita BPM Portal and web forms):

How can I ask a question ?

Maybe you are not the first one with this, please:

  • Step 1: search to if your question has been asked already
  • Step 1 and a half: if you found the question, but there is no answer, add a comment; this will notify other participants, and push the question to the top of the question list
  • Step 2: if this a new question, click on "Create a question"

Then don't forget to give details:

  • your version of Bonita BPM
  • your version and vendor of Java and database
  • your operating system
  • and anything else you think is useful to understand your question!!!

What is the difference between "comments" and "answers"?

If what you are writing is not answering the question, you are writing a comment, not an answer ;-)

Use "answer" to reply to a question; use "comment" for anything else.

How do I attach a file, a picture or a video ?

To attach a file, upload it first to a hosting service like Dropbox or Google Drive, set the sharing appropriately, and paste the link to the file in your question/comment/answer

To add a picture, upload it first to a hosting service like Imgur or Postimage. Then, you can use the picture icon in the editor toolbar:

  • give a name
  • add the link
  • click on validate, and it will add the markdown code to your content

To embed a video, upload it first to a hosting service like Youtube or Dailymotion. Then you can embed it using the short code.

Disclaimer: Dropbox, Google Drive, Imgur, Postimage, Youtube, and Dailymotion are suggestions given as examples. Bonitasoft is not affiliated with them.

If you don't want to use the toolbar assistants, here are some examples of how to write links, pictures and embed directly in the Markdown editor:

Please refer to the very good article about Markdown on Wikipedia for more information.

Where is the "Contribution" section of

The Contributions have been imported into the Community website and are available in the Projects section.

Why is my question / answer / comment not visible after I publish it ?

The administrators of the Community website use moderation tools:

  • Spam filters
  • Robot detectors
  • Comment and answer converters

Much valuable content posted includes links, code, or logs. These sometimes trigger the filters and put the question, answer, or comment into moderation. The author and followers of content in moderation will get a notification as soon as it is released.