You love the product and like to be involved in making it better? You’re at the right place.

There are several ways you can contribute to the product:

  • Reporting issues
  • Collaborate to the documentation
  • Give us your improvement ideas
  • Share the extensions you developed
  • Translation
  • Custom Widgets
  • Send your contribution to Bonita source code

Issue {#issue}

You've experienced an issue with one of the components of Bonita? Or there is an issue on the Community website? Before reporting an issue, check:

  • You can describe how to reproduce it
  • You can share an application to reproduce the issue as a .bos file
  • You have access and can share logs files.
  • Studio logs files are located in:
    • BonitaBPMCommunity-x.y.z/workspace/tomcat/server/logs/ folder
    • BonitaBPMCommunity-x.y.z/workspace/.metadata/ folder (.log file)
  • For Tomcat logs files are located in: BonitaBPMCommunity-x.y.z-Tomcat-x.y.z/server/logs/ folder
  • You can share the network request logs as an HAR file using developer tools of the web browser (how to available in Atlassian documentation).
  • You have all the information about your operating system, web browser, database, JVM...
  • For Windows see "Which Windows operating system am I running?"
  • The Java version you are using
    • Output of java -version command
  • Your issue is not a duplicate Then, you can create an issue on our Community JIRA bug tracker:


Documentation is now hosted on GitHub and you can create your pull requests in order to improve it. If you want to start contributing to Bonita documentation read the contributing instructions in the repository.


You have a new idea for the product and want to share it with us? You can post your ideas in the community website dedicated section. Note, this section is moderated which means that the idea will have to be validated by a moderator before being published. This mechanism is in place mainly to prevent spamming.

Don’t hesitate to share your idea on the forum to discuss about them with other Bonitasoft users.



The best way to get Bonita Portal into your language is to collaborate to an existing or new translation. All the details can be found in the documentation about adding languages.

Custom widgets

You have an idea for a new widget or you already create a new widget with the UI Designer? You can share it with the Community. There is now a dedicated GitHub repository on the Community where you can browse the contributions from other members and add yours.

If you don’t have an idea for a new widget, no problem. You can just use the widgets for your project or contribute to make them better. If you want to start contributing, read our contribution guidelines .


If you have a project around the Bonita platform or an extension point that doesn’t have dedicated storage place, you can use the Projects section to post it.

Source code

The source code of Bonita 7.x or 2021.1 is available on our GitHub repository: The source code of Bonita Open Solution 5.x is available on our legacy Subversion server: You can also find useful resources and source code from many tutorials and examples on our Community GitHub: [[][](][)] []: [Documentation is now hosted on GitHub]: [documentation about adding languages]: [dedicated GitHub repository]: [contribution guidelines]: [Projects section]: []: []: []: [how to available in Atlassian documentation]: