What's next?

Bonita 7.10

Bonita 7.10 is planned for the ending of Q4 2019.

This release will includes new features and improvements such as:

  • In Bonita Studio, a new option at the level of the project: "Deploy...". It opens a wizard to select all artifacts to deploy + clean BDM database (if BDM is selected for deployment)
  • After deployment in the Studio test environment, a pop up window allow to select which applications to open (or Bonita Portal)
  • Support for Multiple packages for BDM!
  • Integration of BDM in UI Designer to accelerate creation of forms and applications pages
  • Table widget new rendering options
  • ... and more!

Enterprise Edition

Note that this page does not cover Enterprise Edition. If you want to get some information about Enterprise Edition new features get in touch with us.

Bonita aPaas offer

A new aPaas offer is available!