What's next?

Bonita 7.9

Here is an overview of what’s coming in our next release (7.9) planned for the ending of Q2 2019.

This release should includes technologies updates:

  • Java 11 official support. You should be able to run Bonita platform on both Java 8 and 11. Note that coding extensions (connectors,...) using Java 11 syntax will not be supported yet.
  • MySQL 8 official support
  • PostgreSQL 11 official support
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS official support
  • RHEL 7 official support

But also some features improvements:

  • Search widget by name in the UI Designer palette
  • Tab container widget is now dynamic: number of tabs and titles
  • Effort to reimplement Bonita Portal using UI Designer continues
  • You can now preview pages using the theme applied to the application
  • Assistant to create forms based on process business variables
  • And more...

Enterprise Edition

Note that this page does not cover Enterprise Edition. If you want to get some information about Enterprise Edition new features get in touch with us.

Bonita aPaas offer

A new aPaas offer is under development and will come in H2 2019.