Release notes

For BOS-SP version!

New functions below:

1: Use database(mysql) connector. 2: Use contingencies. 3: Use condition. 4: Use action in form. 5: Use mandatory.

Connector configuration:

Connectors on step "get all flights information" is used to get all flight information which from departure city to destination city, below is this connector's configuration: Name:select Event:Entry Database:flight User name:root Password:*** Host name:localhost Query:SELECT * FROM flight_info WHERE departure = '${departure}' AND desnitation = '${destination}' Connector output:rowSet.getValues() Destination variable:all_flight_info_select

Table defined in Mysql is:

Table name: flight_info Table keys:number , date, departure, destination, price All keys are string type, such as: MU2135 2011-6-20 Beijing Shanghai 800

Bonita Platform Version Compatibility: