API for track different stages of a process


Hi there

Am kinda new around here(bonita world). Suppose i have a very simple workflow process ( password renewal application). As below http://tinypic.com/r/14ie9hf/8


Suppose I have a FE application that shows user tasks after logging in. If I am a worker, list (in the form of table) shows all the first human tasks in the figure. If the worker's manager is logged in, the list shows, all the tasks assigned to him/her (second human task in the figure). I got to this stage.

The next stage, I want to achieve is, if the user clicks on one of the tasks on the table, he / she (irrespective of role ) should be shown the stage of the workflow. As in, I would like to show the progress of the workflow ( stage1, stage 2, etc / task1, task2, etc) in the form of a progress bar. I am not worried about the progress bar. I would like to know, how I can get the different stages of a workflow a certain process is in using Bonita API.

I looked all I can. Was unsuccessful.

Any help ?

Thanks in advance, K

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