How to display boolean value as checkbox element in UI Designer?



i'm a beginner in Bonita. Please your help.

i stored checkbox element as boolean value in my Data model. now i want to display it in the same format. when the value is true i display a checkbox checked and when the value is false i display a checkbox clear. And all elements disable.


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Pro Tips: For forms, start by defining the contract on a task / pool then generate the form by clicking on the pencil icon from Bonita Studio. So that you do not have to start from scratch, it will generate an already functional form that ensure to respect contract and also display in read-only some information you may need.

That being said, if you use the checkbox widget and that you give it a boolean value (e.g. point to a variable of type boolean, or best to an object property of type boolean) it will behave as you expect.

You could also have a look to the Check-List Application example available there: - Comment stocker les éléments d'une checklist dans le Data Model et ensuite l'afficher sur une page Bonita?

The form named updateCheckList is using checkboxes and might help you.

I hope this helps,

Captain Bonita