How to import value from Studio to UI designer



I want to set the proposed values in a
of my form in UI designer.
I want to use a variable ( a list of string )
So I define this list in Pool variables *(or should I define them in local variable ?) *
- Name : tasksList
- Type : Java Object (class : java.util.List)

How can I put in this list any strings ? I tried in input connector of the pool *(or should I trie in input connector of the step ?) *
I wrote this request : tasksList.add("SELECT TestName FROM dbo.Test")

In UI designer I created a variable : tasksList :
- Type : External API
- URL : ../{{}}

And finally I have nothing in my list in my form

Thank You

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I think it is not possible do it with your way. I am not expert, it may be wrong but all variables you define in pool, business objects, process objects or local objects, will be created after you start process. Logic here is you can't get data if it is not exists yet. For example if you create a business object called "testObject" and set 10 lines of data in it as default, this object won't be created until you submit and start process. To use "context" object you must already started process.

Beside this, you can use custom REST API to get data.