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Hi guys,

I'm playing with the metrics on a Bonita 7.10.1.

I'd like to know the metrics to get the time of tomcat to elaborate a http request and send a response.

I checked in the documentation and only found explanations about bonita metrics, not tomcat ones, are they somewhere on tomcat website?

I tried this one tomcat_servlet_request_seconds_sum and tomcat_servlet_request_seconds_count but they're always 0, so I don't think it's the correct one.

Also the tomcat_global_request_seconds_count doesn't seem a good option.

Thanks in advance!

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First of all, don't take master branch of Micormeter code source: Bonita 7.9-7.10-7.11 uses version 1.3.2 so use this link instead.

In the code, you can see some metrics under the name this is the name under which Micrometer registers them. For Timer metrics, Micrometer automatically add seconds to this prefix, and creates 2 metrics from it: count and sum.

The fact that you see them in snake case (with _ characters) instead of the . notation comes from Prometheus (I assume you use Prometheus) that changes the names.

As for the detailed description of each metric, I could only try to guess, as Micrometer documentation is not explained, so I prefer not say inaccurate guessing.




Bonita exposes Tomcat metrics through micrometer TomcatMetrics implementation.

There you can browse the metric keys provided to find the most suitable one for you.
Have a look at counters of the category* and tomcat.servlet.request.*

Hope this helps



Submitted by enrico.curiotto on Wed, 06/10/2020 - 09:51

Thanks for your answer.

I don't find in TomcatMetrics a list of the exposed tomcat metrics, such as "tomcat_global_request_seconds_count"

where does this name come from, Bonita or TomcatMetrics?

also a google on this term doesn't give any results.

Anyway I'll try to give my interpretation to some of the metrics, could you please provide feedback and answer to the "?" ?

tomcat_global_request_seconds_count: Number of global requests per second

tomcat_global_request_seconds_sum: ?

tomcat_servlet_request_max_seconds: Among all the requests that arrive to Tomcat in one second, the one that last the most is given

tomcat_servlet_request_seconds_count: Number of servlets executed per second (does servlet include rest api?)

tomcat_servlet_request_seconds_max: Max time to elaborate a servlet per seconds (does servlet include rest api?)


Submitted by emmanuel.duchas... on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 12:27

They are fully Micrometer's metrics. Bonita only exposes them, without anything Bonita-specific.