Implementing a Business Collaboration with BPMN and Bonita

Mickey Farrance
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You never know what you're going to find in the community contributions - the Bonita community is wide and deep!

A Simple Business Collaboration Scenario was recently contributed by community member allweyer, aka  Prof. Dr. Thomas Allweyer, Department of Computer Science and Micro Systems Technology at Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) Kaiserslautern (Germany).

Along with the 2 choreographed processes which you can download from the contributions page directly, Dr. Allweyer provides a link to a very well-written whitepaper that describes the design of these processes.

In it he describes a detailed, clear example using BPMN to model a business collaboration, consisting of interaction between a customer process and a vendor process. Prof. Dr. Allweyer shows the the development of choreography diagrams, the collaboration diagrams, data structures, and messages using several different modeling tools and explains how to implement them.

He then uses Bonita Open Solution to model, deploy, and run the scenario.

Download the whitepaper, and the customer and supplier processes, for yourself - and follow along step-by-step; some of the topics he covers as he builds the processes include

  • Conversations and choreographies
  • Collaborations
  • Message exchange
  • Message and timer events
  • Defining message structures and implementing them with XML schema
  • Implementation alternatives for business-to-business integration
  • Correlating messages and process instances

Share and enjoy! (And many thanks to Prof. Dr. Allweyer for this excellent contribution to the Bonita community.)