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This example demonstrates how to perform a REST API call directly from a Bonita form.

It is useful when you need to display data that you can get by calling a REST API.

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Component: Bonita | Version: N/A


We have a process that is used by all business units, where the approval task needs to be seen and completed by a separate group of users for each business unit.


Set candidates for a task based on the user groups in the organization and assign the same task to different groups, based on a Variable set in the process through a drop down select widget in the instantiation form.

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Component: Bonita | Version: 7.7+ | Edition: Subscription

Have you ever wondered how to use the "Save Draft" feature in your forms? Have you ever had any difficulties to make it work the way you want?

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2 of our official examples have been updated for 7.9. and are available for Community Edition in our projects section:



Examples are key resources for beginners.

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Dear Community,

I am pleased to announce that I just released the Bonita Escape game on our Community GitHub.

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Mickey Farrance
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You never know what you're going to find in the community contributions - the Bonita community is wide and deep!

A Simple Business Collaboration Scenario was recently contributed by community member allweyer, aka  Prof. Dr. Thomas Allweyer, Department of Computer Science and Micro Systems Technology at Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) Kaiserslautern (Germany).

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Here is an explanation of how to add your own custom widgets to the applications generated by Bonita Open Solution. This is something a lot of Bonita Open Solution users have been asking for on our forum, and here is one solution!

In this mini-tutorial, I'll use Bonita Open Solution 5.4 with its new HTML widget in the form designer, but the same method can be applied to older releases of BOS. You'll simply have to use a Message widget with the "Allow HTML" flag set to true.

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Do you know the MINI Cooper series? It's a zippy little car and Mickey loves it. She decided to share an application to design and buy your own MINI.